About The Little Sprouts Program

Our vision is to help every child have the opportunity to explore, connect with, appreciate and care for the environment.

What we stand for

Our values help guide not only our activities, but also how we do business.


Local matters

We think the key to making a better world is to act locally – start by making a difference in your own back yard. We work with local early childhood centres to create an active community we’re proud to be part of.


Achievable goals

We know that to succeed in your centre’s sustainability goals, targets need to be realistic and achievable. That’s why we help to break down the barriers that have stopped your success in the past, and offer expert support every step of the way.


Quality over quantity

Successfully embedding sustainability into your practices takes time – and that’s okay. You’ll see better long-term success when we take the time and do a project right, one step at a time, than to try to tackle everything at once.



Working with others is awesome! Partnerships are crucial to long-term success. We help foster community connections to improve your centre’s partnership opportunities and sustainability outcomes.


Holistic methods

Our unique approach means better environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes for your centre and your community.


Real outcomes

Less talk, more action! We offer practical and tangible solutions that work for your centre and the environment.


Fostering sustainable behaviours

We’re not here for short-term fixes. We use innovative approaches to help shift your centre from awareness to action. Our intuitive practices mean continuing sustainability isn’t a chore – it’s simply part of your day!


Learn more about Little Sprouts

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Little Sprouts is growing sustainably and we’d love for you to join our team!

If you have a passion for early learning and environmental education, a background in science, music or art, and any other fantastic skills, please get in touch! Contact us for more information.

*We currently have volunteering opportunities available