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A quick note from Carolyn the creative

Even before I began school, I’ve always had a curiosity for the environment and the world around me. This led me to study science, and then protected area management at university. Since 2007, I have been working in environmental sustainability education – first on the Great Barrier Reef, and now in Melbourne. But I’m also a singer and songwriter.

I used to keep my passions for science and music separate until one day I wrote a song to introduce children to the water cycle. This was the seed that I nourished and grew to become the Little Sprouts Program. Our team continues to create unique environmental educational programs for early learning centres, combining science investigation with creative arts. The children are so engaged that they don’t even notice they’re learning.

At every early childhood centre I visit, I meet staff members who are feeling stressed about incorporating sustainability and environmental education into programs and practices. When you don’t know where to start, it can feel like one more thing you need to fit in, or another box you need to tick for reporting.

Other times, I hear the stories of centres that have tried projects which didn’t work out for various reasons – all the worms died, no one looked after the gardens, the children lost interest… sound familiar?

At Little Sprouts, we help you to simplify your approach, break it into achievable steps, and make sure your activities and projects fit your unique centre. We can’t wait to work with you.

Carolyn Luder
Founder and Managing Director


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Little Sprouts Program: From seed to today

We launched the Little Sprouts Program to better support early learning centres in Melbourne to engage their staff and children in environmental education – while also improving centre-wide sustainability practices. We ran our pilot program in partnership with the Moreland City Council and a small group of enthusiastic Goodstart Early Learning Centres in Melbourne.

Following the success of the pilot, we launched the Program to help other centres around Melbourne achieve their sustainability and educational aims. There are lots of simple and practical actions your centre can implement to reduce your overall demand on nature (ecological footprint).

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