Waste management support for early childhood services

Implement waste management practices that work for your centre

As the early care and education field continues to grow, minimizing waste created by early childhood centres assumes an ever-important role. As well as the environmental impact, waste services cost lots of money each year.

Every centre has unique waste management needs. If your centre’s waste practices aren’t working successfully for your staff, children or the environment – Little Sprouts has the expertise and experience to help.

Simple, effective waste management – wouldn’t that be nice!

Our expert team can support your centre with:

  • Starting or expanding recycling
  • Conducting waste audits
  • Upgrading bin facilities (inside and outside the centre) so you can collect and dispose of waste effectively
  • Waste education for children and/or staff
  • Implementing behaviour change approaches to help your centre refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle more effectively.

Contact us to see how we can support your waste management goals.

Introducing recycling at Goodstart Early Learning

Learn how Little Sprouts successfully transitioned six Goodstart Early Learning Centres in Melbourne to recycling.

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  • “You feel good because you’re doing the right thing and reducing waste.”


    Goodstart Early Learning Pascoe Vale Road Cumberland West

  • “Kids independently go and recycle their own waste and it’s a habit for them now.”

    Educator, Pre-Kinder

    Goodstart Early Learning Pascoe Vale Cumberland Road East

  • “There is less rubbish now. The bins used to get so full we couldn’t fit all the bags in the rubbish.”

    CookGoodstart Early Learning Pascoe Vale Cumberland Road West

  • “We are doing the right thing now because we have the right waste facilities.”

    Nursery Educator

    Goodstart Early Learning Preston

  • “Children learn a lot of things and talk more about recycling and hopefully this goes home as well. They know how to use the recycling bin.”

    Kinder Teacher

    Goodstart Early Learning Pascoe Vale Cumberland Road West


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